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Big Idea

Chatbots are critical in the future evolution of banking and financial services to provide always on intelligent customer service. They provide for customer support and account inquiry, require minimal setup and streamline and improve the customer operational support process including a substantial reduction in operational and service costs while intelligently expanding reach to being always on 24x7x365. Bots provide an intelligent conversational interface for financial transactions initiation, inquiry and feedback and use ubiquitous messaging platforms on customer smartphones and eliminates the issue of Mobile app uninstalls.

Why Chatbots will revolutionize the banking sector ?


Reduce customer response



Reduce operational support costs


  • Always on engagement with the customers

  • Ease of use for customers with an interface on a smartphone they are already familiar with

  • Timely no-cost notifications of transaction status and account changes

  • Special promotions and sales pushes

  • User acquisition rates uptrend

  • Enhanced analytics on customer acquired data

  • Quick setup and minimal integration

  • Interactions at customers convenience and speed

  • Improved CSAT score

The BI Intelligence report estimated the total salary expenditure on securities, commodities,and financial services representatives to be at $32 billion in the U.S.; Chatbots could decrease that number by $15 billion — about 46% cut.



For customers

  • Chatbots promise a better, faster experience

  • Less time spent waiting for call center service or ineffective web chat support

  • Accessible via a conversation medium from a ubiquitous smartphone


For banks

  • No need to setup tech personnel and infrastructure

  • Out of the box / cloud hosted or on-premise technology solution

  • Minimal setup and easy integration

  • A rich set of analytics, utilization & trending reports

  • High Operational efficiency

  • 24/7 always on intelligent customer service

  • Eliminates the issue of mobile app uninstalls



Pain points in banking customer support


  • Long on call waiting time

  • Different customer service agents give different answers (41%)

  • Customer service agents don't know the answer (34%)

  • Can't find answer on website (31%)

  • An uncontrollable number of new applications


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