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Latest news updates & releases

Notification for exclusive content

Sell merchandise through chatbots

Easy user acquisition, no need to install or download anything

Tours and events information

Engage your with followers and other general media

Delivers news notifications at the click of a button

Conduct user satisfaction surveys

Deep analytics for utilization, trends, usage patterns, engagement and retention real time statistics

Big Idea

Teens are now spending close to 9 hours a day connected socially online, 30% of all online traffic is now on social media - 60% is via a mobile device. The mobile / social combo is increasingly being used for not just keeping uptodate with friends and family but also world happenings and news and more so, on personalization and reading about topics of interest. The ubiquitous world of the internet is now instantly available at all times via a mobile device and the heaviest used apps are messenger apps. 


What does this tectonic shift mean to the world of media and publishing. Can media companies adapt to changing user habits? Early adopters are increasing moving to bots to stay connected with their customers. The power of real time push articles and snippets cannot be handled any better than via a bot. Are you ready to experience the future of news and media? Come explore the future by signing up for free. In less than 10 minutes you can have your own bot instantly available to the world on 7 different platforms. Come experience the world of Chat2AI


  • Exponential increase in user engagement

  • Improvement in retention rates

  • Positive user acquisition scores

  • Higher CSAT scores

  • Cloud based so no installs, tech infrastructure required

  • Smart Communication

  • 365*24*7 Availability

  • Dynamic and conversational user experience


Pain Points

  • Low app adoption with high uninstall rates of mobile app

  • Getting more widespread adoption

  • High noise social media presence with no personalization

  • Retention rates falling

  • Web/email was over utilized with varying degrees of effectiveness

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