Chatbot platform for

Travel Industry

Find hotels and flights

Make reservations

Conduct user satisfaction surveys

Updates about deals and promotions

Plan your itinerary

Answer customer support queries

Check status on hotel and travel booking

Update you on any changes to your itinerary

Big Idea

The world of online travel is booming - just look at the growth of Priceline and Expedia. Strip mall travel agencies gave way to the convenience and price competitiveness of online travel bookings. Ubiquitous smartphones evolved the travel experience to mobile apps. Offerings have become more standardized and the power of customer reviews has made choices and quality of service even better. Technology has replaced a whole business segment and now online is the primary way to book travel even for large corporates. The always-on 24x7 nature of technology has expanded the reach and the robustness of booking platforms with cloud technology has made the switch for the consumer a no-brainer.


So where does technology take the travel experience next? Can it further widen and deepen customer engagement? What technology will drive the next level for the customer and for travel companies? The answer lies in the use of bots where it promises to be a completely automated intelligent experience available via pervasive chat and messaging platforms. Moreover, the integration of machine learning and NLP to the travel shopping and support experience promises to further change our perspectives on travel.


Chat2AI has been integrated with online travel booking, FAQs, reviews, payment, feedback and customer service channels for the end to end travel experience.


Come experience the future of travel with Chat2AI.



Saving time/process automation


Digital payments



Saved user history


Improve the User Experience



365*24*7 Availability


Smart Communication



Save your customer service cost with an affordable way to reach to a large audience

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