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A passion for innovative mobile technologies, we strive to achieve a unique equilibrium in the relationship between merchants and their customers where merchants benefit from their repeat customers long term loyalty and are able to offer enhanced customer experience, while members benefit from tangible and relevant rewards.

Our Philosphy

Always give people more than they expect to receive and tailor the experience to their preferences.

Customer engagement is a journey between you and your customers, a two way interaction.


Utilizing our powerful turnkey solutions, smart loyalty, couponing, cross promotions or MarketPlace and raffle draw systems via innovation channels such as chatbots; can be deployed with a click of a mouse through our control panel.


Core Team


Wide range of features

Souffiane Houti 
Founder & COO

Founded Via Fone Technologies in 2009 with its HQ in Dubai. Specializes in delivering improvements to company performance through the implementation of value-added loyalty schemes and enhanced customer centric experience both online and at brick & mortar.

Head of Loyalty for CELS Group

Alessandro Gaffuri
Partner & CBO

Working with shopping centers and leisure venues since 1997, his role is to support malls in becoming preferred meeting venues, real destinations with a strong identity, a clear marketing strategy that leads to a valued brand identity.

CEO of CELS Group

Manuel Gallo
Business Director

Retail Experiential Marketing & Events focused on CX, Loyalty & Engagement. Very active background combining several years of work experience in new start-ups & entrepreneurial activities, retail & events industries, marketing offices, hotels and catering trade sectors worldwide.

Business Director for CELS Group



DEWA (Dubai Electricity Water Authority Project

Winner of Dewa Future Cup During Dubai Innovation Week, November 2016.

DEWA Customers

Happiness Goals

DEWA proposes Environment related happiness goals believed to elevate their Happiness as per the Ministry of State for Happiness standards and guidelines and customers get to choose how to use their points.


For example customers could decide to plan a tree in one of the farm in the desert of Dubai to fight desert advancement thanks to their accumulated Green points. 

Simple & Seamless

Customer Experience

Simplify and enhance customer redemption experience and personalize the rewards you provide with what your customers truly value, will make the difference in repeat app usage, engagement and retention, hence in happiness.

Tracking all targeted offers redemption, customers rating and profile segments to capture valuable data and analyze it for better decision making. 

Customer redeems offer by having the merchant enter their unique PIN and note down the transaction ID on their POS system for their internal tracking.


The Answer to the Environment Happiness Pillar

Following Dubai Happiness Initiative, DEWA gets to guide and evaluate customers happiness based on environmental pillar from the Index of Happiness.

DEWA Customers receive GREEN POINTS based on how ”Green” or “Eco-Friendly” they are. According to the type of property/residence they live in, they get triple points for staying on the Green Slab, double for the next slab then no more points or deduction of points as they reach the red slab.

Relevant Auto-Financed Green Points

DEWA customers can reward their goal achievement by buying discount vouchers by using their Green points. Hence, DEWA wouldn't finance the points but rather earn a new revenue stream from merchant commissions in a later stage.

Customers can also earn more Green points by participating at DEWA volunteering events across Dubai.


du Telecom Project & Prototype

MOU Signing Ceremony with Mr. Osman Sultan, CEO of du Telecom, hosted by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council

du Loyalty

on What's App

& Facebook

Messenger Chat-Bot

Current Situation: 

Too many physical loyalty cards + Multiple loyalty mobile app = deters consumers

Optimum Solution:

Preferred channel of communication + Preferred innovative customer experience = Chat-Bot loyalty programs such as on What's App, Facebook Messenger or 2 way SMS

Simple Redemption Process @ merchant

Offers are redeemed, tracked in 3 simple steps:


Step 1: Merchant enters bill amount (important data-analysis and enhanced offers personalization)

Step 2: Merchant enter unique CASHIER PIN code


 Step 3: Merchant notes down Transaction ID for his operational reference

Dubai Future Accelerator 

Live Pilot


During DFA, we built a reward platform for the 46 participating companies on Facebook Messenger Chat-bot by acquiring a partner network of offers ranging from mini-market to casual and fine dining restaurants, Entertainment on Yacht & Jet-Ski as well as health & Beauty "for her" with discounts ranging from 15% to 45%.


To access it you may search for DFA-DEALS on Facebook Messenger

Live Pilot during DFA

Demonstration to His Excellency Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, State Minister for Artificial Intelligence  

Social Perks Product

Voted by Facebook among the 10 finalists for the Facebook Messenger ChatBot Middle East and Africa Challenge

First loyalty ChatBot

Social Perks supports brand's loyalty and customer engagement objectives by attracting segmented footfall. Social Perks provides Brands with access to 110K profiled members from social media groups such as Facebook groups to companies' employees

While to the eyes of consumers, Social Perks is an aggregator of personalized, relevant eligible deals and loyalty programs. In other words, a single unified wallet of offers and digital loyalty cards.

Happiness Chat-Bot

Happiness Assistant Chatbot prototype, code named Saeed (happy in Arabic), was developed for the Dubai Prime Minister Office in cooperation with the Chief Happiness Officer of the PMO.

Saeed’s ultimate goal is to guide and support UAE citizens in their happiness

endeavour in the most natural and friendly manner possible. In other words, Saeed

responds to Ministry of State for Happiness vision of the UAE “to be among the happiest

countries in the world” and mission, which is for Saeed to support “happiness and

positivity as a lifestyle”.


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