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Via Fone Technologies supports retail hubs to create favorite meeting places engaging high-value footfall to become fans and repeat customers by offering an elevated customer experience before, during and after their visit to the destination.

What is a

Loyalty Program

to Us?

To foster the relationship with customers before, during and after every “touch point” with brands, allowing an elevated customer experience. Clients need new models that are data-driven, contextual, creating personalized interactive CRM systems.


agree that, all other factors equal, they’ll buy from a retailer with a loyalty program over one without.


modify spend to maximize Loyalty benefits


belong to one or more loyalty programs

(Global Retail Loyalty Sentiment Report 2016, Nielsen)

Why should you have an innovative Loyalty Program?

Attract & Connect

Make it easy for customers to sign up via various touch points. Make it appealing and relevant to your customers. Sometimes a loyalty strategy is just as powerful but opaque to the customer

Learn & Engage

Create your own program, with points or reward and/or tier levels. Increase repeat business and turn one-off customers into loyal customers, with relevancy. Send out contextually targeted surprise rewards when least expected. 

Grow & Retain

Adapt to your members' preferred method of earning and redeeming. Personalize rewards depending on their profile, tier level or purchasing behavior reward the customer accordingly. Create a two-way interactive conversation with your customer.

Our Value Proposition 

We propose to launch your program on customers' preferred messaging platform. Our solution is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with a persona that is identifiable by customers and creates an emotional connection.  This AI is also known as Chatbot and is integrated with our data-capture system, customer behavior analytics and customer loyalty & engagement module on Salesforce.

Loyalty Chatbot


  • Personalized Virtual Agent dedicated to Customers

  • 24/7 Service Availability

  • Adopt Customers Preferred Communication Channel eliminating the need to download an app, imposing user experience and enforcing updates.

  • Engaging Customer Experience rather than passive

  • Manage the Tone of Voice

  • Manage Aspired Customer Journey

  • Capitalize on Facebook Messenger users & soon WhatsApp users

  • Shopping mall way-finder via Chatbot

  • Highly Personalized Service




  • Useful way-finder navigation

  • Bring your guests to point of interest

  • Enhanced Customer Experience via an engaging conversation with personal digital assistant

  • Intuitive Up-Sale & Cross-Sell: suggest relevant & personalized offers or products/services 

  • Reduce Pressure on Customer Service Desk/Agent

  • Reduce drastically Call Center Cost 

  • Increase overall Customer Satisfaction

  • Increase Retention of Chatbot users

Our Tools & Features

Our Loyalty Dashboards

We provide access to 2 different dashboards:

  1. Loyalty & Customer Engagement module on Salesforce that is fully customizable as per your KPIs' and required analytics to support decision-making.

  2. Our Chatbot control panel with a wide range of analytics to provide you with deep learning and insights on customers interaction with Chatbot. Our Chatbot platform also proposes advance features to train the Chatbot in any language including English and Arabic and to allow a customer service agent or call-center agent to manually take over the conversation in order to respond to special cases.

Our Process

Potential Action Plan

Customer On-Boarding

Customer on-boarding touch-points:

  • Target existing Facebook page followers 

  • Connect Chatbot to Facebook page message button

  • Advertise web-chat QR code and Facebook Messenger code via:

    • Kiosk screens

    • Indoor digital screens 

    • Indoor hanging and standup POS

    • Information desk POS

    • Tent POS at participating outlets/brands

    • Newsletter + mailing list

We are on your customers' preferred messaging platforms










Engagement Mechanics

We propose to kick start with a one-time engagement program to allow us to gather and use valuable actionable data. It will support fine-tuning current and future strategic engagement programs. We will be in a better position to enhance customer and promotional experience for the next activations moving forward as we have the leverage of data analytics and insights from our first engagement scheme.

Customer Journey


Data collection

Sarah wants to sign up. She gets to choose to fill a form or continue with Facebook for convenience to complete registration. Following the 1-st redemption, M-Bot will ask Sarah a couple of friendly questions to better segment her profile in order to propose relevant, contextual and personalized offers.


Before the Visit - Call to action

Sarah follows one of the Facebook pages and gets a branded “invitation message” to chat with Chatbot, learn about exciting offers and get a chance to win some special gift.

 Your Company 

Information Desks


Facebook Page

Email Campaign


Kiosk Screen


SMS Campaign


Spend & redeem

Sarah goes to La Mer with her friends at a restaurant and wants to redeem her discount. She opens M-Bot of Facebook Messanger and type-in the restaurant's name and clicks on redeem button.


Redeem confirmation

Cashier enters the total amount of the bill and the Cashier Pin. Cashier receives transaction successful message with transaction ID to be taken down for reconciliation purpose.



After Sarah redeems her discount, she receives a personalized, contextual cross-promotion for a 20% discount at one of your locations. 



We set up 3 internal tier system hidden from customers (silver 0-1000, gold 1001-3000, platinum 3001 & above) with the aim to gather actionable insights to analyze customer purchase & redeem behavior to enhance customer journey. Sarah earns 1 point for every 1 AED she spends. 

Basic Tier
Gold Tier
Platinum Tier


After the Visit -Retention

The customer takes part in various rewarding activities and keeps in touch with the destination through communication.

Road Map

Analysis & Planning

Program Set Up

Reward Sourcing

Technical Maintenance




day 1

day 15

day 20

day 40

day 40 onward

day 50 onward 

  • Data collection

  • Strategic objectives and targets

  • Build Appreciation Model as per KPI

  • Design Social Media interactions

  • Design Chatbot customer experience

  • Design Customer Onboarding plan 

  • Program promotion

  • Program engagement rules customization

  • Chatbot development

  • Rewards set up

  • Integration with Client's Facebook page and website

  • Train Clients'Staff  

  • Partnerships with Reward Suppliers

  • Internal promotions 

  • CSR engagement

Client marketing campaign

  • Feature Upgrade

  • System and Security patch updates 

  • System monitoring

  • Back-Ups

  • New Features

  • Technical Support

  • Review analytics, ROI, target KPI

  • Adjust Appreciation Model or loyalty mechanics

Team of experts (in-house)

  • 1 Lead Consultant

  • 2 Developers:

    • 1 Lead Developer 

    • 1 Senior Programmer 

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 Graphic Designer, (UI/UX Design) 

  • 1 Dedicated Account Manager 

  • 1 Data Analyst



Business Cases

Financial Proposal

**Service Capacity: Service capacity is calculated in “Interactions” defined as triggered flow (e.g. the bot receiving a message or a user clicking a button) is counted as 1 interaction irrespective of the number of messages or actions in the bot's response:


• Up to 100,000 : USD 500/- per month

• Up to 100k - 200k : USD 1000/- per month

• Up to 200k - 300k : USD 1300/- per month

• Up to 300k - 400k : USD 1,500/- per month

• Every additional 100k interactions beyond 400k slab at USD 300/- per month



About Us

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 At VIAFONE Technologies, our team displays a driving passion for developing innovative customer experience & engagement technologies always raising new market standards involving technologies such as Artificial Intelligent and machine learning based Chatbot, or our standalone SAAS based or our Salesforce’s integrated loyalty Engine. VIAFONE and CELS Group merged together on the 18th of March 2018, as our newfound partnership enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions with strong and proven return on investment and tangible value to our clients as well as their customers. Our combined capabilities and experience, in conjunction with our customer-centric loyalty and engagement platforms, and extensive range of available technologies, ensure that each of our client’s unique needs and requirements are consistently met.

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